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User Guide

Initial View

Initial view: click to enlarge The initial view consists of four main areas. The blue-green strip along the top is the main toolbar. The functions of the buttons on this toolbar are described below.

The largest area is the Welcome page containing details of your access rights, and a link to the area where you can update your personal information. Later, once you have found and chosen a volume to read, the pages of that volume will be displayed in this area.

The Search Results area at the top left of the screen will display the results of the last search you performed. The Reference Notebook area at the bottom left of the screen displays any excerpts you have chosen to place in your permanent reference notebook. These features are explained in more detail below.

If your initial screen view does not look like the one shown here, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions page. You can click on the above picture to see a larger view of it. In Internet Explorer you can resize the areas by dragging on the separators between them.

Personal Profile settings

The Welcome page confirms your subscription type and gives you key information such as your download balances. There is also a 'User Profile Options' menu at the top, which provides links to pages where you can update your personal information (e.g. your password), set your search preferences (e.g. constrain searches to your favourite serials), upgrade or renew your supscription, or buy extra download credits.

Main Toolbar

The Main Toolbar at the top of the page allows you to select the main function you wish to perform:
Find pages containing all the given words executes a Search using the terms in the search box
Specify a more detailed search takes you to the Advanced Search page
Ask your library angel picks 10 pages at random (library angel)
Browse the library takes you to the Browse page
Personal Information takes you the Personal Profile page
User Guide takes you to the User Guide
Exit Exits the Library

Basic Search

To start a basic search, type your search terms into the search box at the top of the page and click the search icon:

Basic Search Box

You can use the Search Range selector on the left to specify whether to search all volumes, only your favourite collections and serials, or only the results of your previous search/browse.

The search will look for all pages on which all your search terms appear in whole or in part. When the search is complete the volumes that contain hit pages will be listed in the view-pane top left under the heading "Search Results" e.g.

Search Results

Click on any volume in the Search Results list to read that volume, to skip between pages that have your search term(s) on them, and/or to extract portions of that volume for later use.

Reading Documents

Reading frame: click to enlarge When you have selected a volume (by clicking on its title in the Search Results or Reference Notebook panels) you can read the content in the main screen area.

A new toolbar appears at the top of this area: the Document Navigation Toolbar. This toolbar allows you to page through documents, or to jump between occurrences of your search terms. The buttons on this toolbar are described in more detail below.

If your reading screen view does not look like the one shown here, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions page. You can click on the above picture to see a larger view of it. In Internet Explorer you can resize the areas by dragging on the separators between them.


Select Format Use this dropdown list (top right) to switch the page display between Unformatted Text (fast, easy to read and enlarge, but loses formatting and graphics), Formatted Text (preserves layout and tables, loses graphics), PDF Image (a photo of the page: exact but a bit slower) or just the document's citation (where available).

Select Hits Use these buttons to navigate between the hit pages. The arrows move to the next or previous hit page. Use the drop-down list to jump to any hit page number.

Select Pages Use these buttons to navigate around the presently selected page. The middle box gives the present page number. You can enter a page number in this box and hit "Enter" to go directly to that page. Note that these are the sequential page numbers for the volume, and may not be exactly the same as the printed page numbers. Use the Skip forward by [fill in] pages or Skip backwards by [fill in] pages buttons to step forwards or backwards by the number of pages indicated in the associated boxes. Use the Go to first page and Go to last page buttons to jump to the first or last page of the volume.

Select Excerpts Use these buttons to define a page-wise excerpt and store it in your personal Reference Notebook (see pane bottom left). To mark the start of the excerpt, click the Start excerpt from this page button when the start page is currently in the main view-pane. Navigate to the last page you require and click the End excerpt at this page button to mark the end of the excerpt. Now click the Add excerpt to notebook button to add the excerpt to your Reference Notebook. To view your excerpt at a later time, click on its entry in the Reference Notebook.


When you click on an excerpt in your Reference Notebook, the Hit-page buttons on the Document toolbar are replaced with:

Download Use this button to download your excerpt. If you have sufficient download credits, the charge (if applicable) will be stated, and you will be prompted to select the format for your download file. Follow the instructions to save the file to your disk. If your download credit balance is insufficient, you will be directed to the subscriptions page where you can buy extra credits.

You can also highlight text in the main view-pane at any time and copy it to the computer clipboard using Edit...Copy from the browser toolbar (or Ctrl-C), and paste it into your Word-processor document using the Edit…Paste command in the Word-processor's toolbar (or Ctrl-V).

Advanced Search

Specify a more detailed search This button takes you to the page where you can define more complex search word combinations, set publication date range limitations, specify the sort order for displaying results, etc. To execute a search using the settings on that page, click the Do the search button. For additional help, please read our search tips.

Detailed Search settings are valid for the current session only, and override saved preferences. To save search settings permanently, use the 'Set Search Preferences' link in the 'User Profile' menu on the welcome/personal information page.


Browse the library This button takes you to a page where you can see the collections you are authorised to browse. Click any collection to list its serials and/or volumes. Click any serial to see the volumes in that serial. Select your desired volume(s) and click the 'Add to Results' button to put it on the Browse Results List. You can clear the Results List using the 'Clear Results' button on the browse page.

  Initial View
Main Toolbar
Basic Search
Reading Documents
Advanced Search

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