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About Lexscien

C-FAR Home Page Lexscien is an initiative of The Centre for Fundamental and Anomalies Research (C-FAR). C-FAR promotes the application of rational, open-minded, multi-disciplinary and systematic methods to the study of open or controversial issues in science and philosophy.
It can be difficult for modern readers to find out about the enormous amount of thought-provoking and significant work that has been done by scholars, scientists and careful lay researchers over the years. In particular, early work can be hard to get hold of, but is still relevant today. Lexscien aims to make this work easily accessible so that it can inform current thinking in science and philosophy.
Lexscien was supported financially by:
  • The Society for Psychical Research
  • David and Julie Rousseau
  • The Bridge Trust
  • Oliver Knowles
  • Cognitive Sciences Laboratory
  • Institute of Noetic Science
  • Russell Targ
  • Edwin May
  • Qinexus Ltd
  • A number of individuals who prefer to remain anonymous
We are very grateful to all our donors for providing the means for getting the ball rolling. Now that the project is underway, we hope that it will not only be self-supporting, but will generate revenue for the research organisations these donors support. We still rely on donations to fund major additions or improvements to the library.

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