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Quick Reference

Main Menu Functions Navigation Menu
Personal Information returns you to the entry page, which has menus to set your search preferences, password and other personal information
Browse the library lets you explore the library contents and locate specific volumes. Select a few volumes and click "Add to Results".
If you click on a volume listed in the Results panel, you can use the navigation toolbar to step or jump through the pages. Select Pages
Find pages containing all the given words executes a search using the terms in the search box
Specify part of library to search specifies whether to search all books and serials, only your preferred ones, or only the currently listed volume(s)
If you click on a Search Result volume, you can use the navigation toolbar to jump from hit page to hit page. Select Hits
You can choose whether to read the page in formatted or unformatted text with your search terms highlighted (but graphics lost), or in PDF (an exact image of the page, but slower to load) Select Format
Specify a more detailed search lets you specify search strings more exactly
Ask your library angel picks 10 random pages (if you're lucky they'll be interesting)
You can bookmark the first and last pages of an interesting excerpt, and save it to your reference notebook Select Excerpts
If you click on a Reference Notebook excerpt, you can download it as a single PDF or text file. Download
User Guide takes you to the User Guide, FAQ and other help pages
Exit exits the library