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To Current Users: We hope you like our new version of Lexscien. There are enhanced search capabilities, personal preference settings and an easier user interface. (What's new?) We've added a number of new journals too. Existing users can continue to log in to private collections (e.g. the SPR's) as before. You'll get an opportunity to sign up for access to all the other literature once you've logged in.


We are building an online library of the most important journals, books and magazines publishing serious research into anomalies and controversies in science and the humanities. Lexscien currently contains various journals and magazines, with more in preparation that will be ready soon (see list).

Once you have registered (it's free) you get permanent, unlimited access to the Catalogues and Abstract Anthologies. You will be able to sign up for a 7-day free trial subscription to the full library, starting on a date you choose.

Registered users can also subscribe to get ongoing access to the full library contents, to read and download literature. If you are a member of an affiliated organisation, you are entitled to a greatly discounted subscription rate (see rates).

C-FAR Home Page Lexscien was created by the not-for-profit organisation C-FAR in order to help research organisations make their publications more easily accessible. C-FAR has developed a special technique that makes this cost effective, but the resulting library is a bit different to other libraries. Read about how it works here.

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“I've rarely seen such a thorough, easy-to-use, well-thought-out database. And of the entire articles - not just abstracts. It's pure heaven!”
Mary Roach, Author
“I find your site one of the most important information resources we have in this field.”
Dr Dean Radin
Institute of Noetic Sciences
“This is a great resource. I congratulate you ... it deserves to be recognized as the most important online reference contribution to psychical research.”
Dr Carlos Alvarado
Parapsychology Foundation
“I would like to congratulate you on the excellent work.”
Andreas Sommer
University Hospital Freiburg
“This is absolutely marvellous. I've just spent a wonderful afternoon browsing through the JSP and EJP...”
Robert McLuhan, Author

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